After a teenage girl named Julie goes missing, psychiatrist Judy Williams and detective Michael Grady try to piece together the strange circumstances of her disappearance. The only clue they have is David, Julie’s boyfriend, who’s been found in a nearby forest presenting post-traumatic stress symptoms. Through David’s testimony, Judy and Michael start discovering the details surrounding the last days she was seen and trying to answer the big question. Where is she now?

“Only After” is an interactive story where your decisions affect future outcomes, branching out different possible storylines that will result in different endings for the characters.

Explore your environment and find the clues that will eventually lead you to the answers to unravel the mystery.

Be the director and protagonist of your own cinematic narrative experience, where every sequence, environment and sound has been designed to allow you to be an essential part of the story.

Finally, be careful with your choices, as some can be corrected, but others are final.


Young, adventurous and deeply in love. He would do anything for Julie. Even if it goes against his own will.


Carefree, strong and a bit selfish. She is the kind of girl you would like as a friend but not the kind of person you would trust your deepest secrets to.


As the detective in charge he will do whatever he can to solve the case, even if he is not the most fit person for that.


Who is telling the truth? Who is lying? She will have to trust her own instinct to answer these questions.