RideOp Quick Maintenance Update

March 17, 2020 gurashop Uncategorized

Today we’ve published a small maintenance update to improve the performance and realism of the game. There are no significant alterations to the gameplay; however, we want to tell you about a few changes:

  • -Certain rides had parts of their geometry modified to reduce polycount and improve the optimization of the game.
  • -New custom materials on most of the rides for a more realistic experience.
  • -Unique features (like the door on the star flyer control room) deleted for cohesive gameplay experience.
  • -Night lighting modified on some rides to improve the nighttime experience and improve performance.
  • -Slight recolouring changes to fit better with the new material.
  • -Tutorial modified to take these changes into account.

Besides that, the game is mostly still the same.

Best regards,
GuraShop Team