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GuraShop Studio, founded in 2016, is an independent game developer focused on cinematic-looking games and VR experiences. We are the creators of «RideOp: Thrill ride simulator», «Rinlo», «Only After» and «Behind the Memory»; among other games.

Our Upcoming Projects

Rinlo: A Brand New VR Adventure

Rinlo is an exciting new adventure game developed explicitly for Virtual Reality. With the use of complex puzzles, enthralling characters and the exploration of a steampunk dystopia, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in a story like no other.

The Journey of a Lifetime
Join Agatha as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime. Growing up, she used to dream of a place she thought was lost forever and a family she never knew. However, an unexpected letter casts her on an epic quest to discover who she is meant to be. Guide Agatha as she defeats enemies using her creative skills for crafting weapons and distractive devices. Solve fascinating puzzles to help her complete her mission and uncover the truth.

A steampunk dystopia
Together, you and Agatha will travel trough buzzing steam-running cities and the lost ruins from Agatha’s childhood town. Collect resources, craft weapons and solve puzzles to keep Agatha safe.

Are you ready for the adventure?

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