Behind the Memory

We all have secrets...

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About the game

“Behind the Memory” is a mystery first-person exploration game set in a deserted world. You play as a man called Hector, who returns home after several years trying to escape from his own past. With every step you will be closer to discover Hector´s darkest secrets as he gets closer to the place that haunts him…


A secret that needs to be discovered

Although “Behind the Memory” is a game whose narrative is presented in a linear way the real backstory depends on you to be discovered by:

  • Exploring whats left of a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Finding objects and understanding the clues.
  • Guiding Hector back home in a first-person view.

As a man who has been alone for several years, and that carries guilt and trauma with him, you will need to decide if what Hector sees is real or not and try not to be too scared of the hallucinations that he will suffer throughout the game.


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